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Ten Reasons To Attend Brown Trail School of Preaching

  • A well-rounded curriculum of 70 courses that balances academics and practicality
  • Textual courses covering the entire Bible, with special attention to thematic, structural, and contextual analysis
  • Experienced faculty with a combination of education and experience in the classroom, in the pulpit, and in the local work.
  • Emphasis on proper exegesis, preaching the text, and maintaining scriptural balance
  • Multiple courses devoted to learning how to teach adult Bible classes
  • Courses in public speaking that cover topical, textual, narrative, and expository preaching, using PowerPoint, and extemporaneous speaking
  • Practicum weeks including working in evangelistic campaigns, counseling at Christian camps, and attending workshops such as Focal Point and Polishing the Pulpit.
  • Chapel emphasizing personal devotion, critical thinking, spiritual growth, and character development
  • Spanish department training preachers for stateside, Mexico, and Central America.
  • One-year MTSM program for graduating seniors

Our Pledge To Our Students

  • We will teach our students how important it is to love, honor, reverence and obey God.
  • We will teach our students to follow the example of Christ in humble service to others.
  • We will teach our students that the Bible is verbally and fully inspired, and to respect the authority and all-sufficiency of the Bible.
  • We will teach our students how to prepare and deliver Biblical sermons.
  • We will teach our students to teach and defend the truth boldly and without compromise.
  • We will teach our students to maintain a kind, humble and gentle disposition, even in the midst of controversy.
  • We will teach our students to avoid and lovingly battle against the extremes of liberalism and radicalism in and out of the church.
  • We will teach our students to love the brotherhood.
  • We will teach our students that graduation marks the real beginning of their study, not the end of it.

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